Heineken – Moving into the cloud with Flexera – VoD 2022


    Moving into the cloud with Flexera

    Heineken has taken the plunge and moved its software to the cloud with the support of Flexera. The whole process of implementing all software in the cloud takes half a year and it is in full swing. It began in December 2021 and is planned for one and a half years. In addition to the technical problems that had to be overcome, Heineken’s decentralized structure also had to be considered. Heineken is not for 100 % in ownership but owned by stakeholders worldwide who needed to be convinced. In addition, all the people from IT had to be convinced of the move to the cloud. The project is still running, and software is used partly in cloud and still on-prem. In addition, there is a big amount of data which needs to be migrated within this procedure. In this lecture you will learn:

    • How to manage SAM in a big worldwide company?
    • What are the benefits of moving into the cloud?
    • How to successfully plan and implement the process of moving to the cloud without data loss?
    • How to convince different groups of people of the benefits of moving to the cloud?

    Michal Sawicki

    Global Contract and License Lead,


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