Keynote: User-focused Software Management at Netflix

José Ferrel, Head of Technology Management Services, Netflix
Jennifer Sasaki, Manager, IT Asset Management, Netflix, Inc

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Prior to 2021, most software procured at Netflix was not centrally managed. Since then, the Technology Management Services (TMS) was formed and tasked with driving the centralization of software management across the company. However, in doing so, TMS decided to take an customer-focused approach in pursuit of its centralization objectives, which better aligned with Netflix’s unique cultural principles. Almost two years into this journey TMS has managed to centralize the management of ¾ of all software spend at Netflix, which includes over 300 discrete software vendors. As head of TMS, José Ferrel is eager to share more about the key lessons they’ve learned along the way, progress they’ve made as well as how they’re thinking about the future of software management at Netflix from a user-focused perspective.


Key elements of building a user-focused software procurement and management team.

How to reduce costs and improve end user experience at the same time.

How to change software corporate culture within a company without degrading end user experience.

The importance of cross-functional partnerships for ensuring the success of a software asset management program